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Pro 1 Carbon 150-200cm - Older Tail Piece

Pro 1 Carbon 150-200cm - Older Tail Piece
Pro 1 Carbon 150-200cm - Older Tail Piece



  • GRAB A CARBON BOOM BARGAIN - £254 saving on 2018 model
  • Discontinued Tail Piece design, but is tough and was in production for over 5 years!  
  • The highest stiffness to weight ratio available in the boom market
  • Carbon booms made in the USA for over 15 years
  • Custom monocoque construction
  • Exceptional torsional rigidity and stiffness
  • The narrow maximum distance between each side of the boom is hugely preferred by many wave sailors – it encourages a more manoeuvrable, upright and less inhibited stance
  • Boom clamp is over 12cm long on the mast. This gives a very solid connection and minimizes point loading
  • The continuous one piece arm has a wide angled bend curve through the front end – this gives easier rig handling during gybes, tacks and freestyle tricks
  • Easy “snap-on and leave” skinny adaptor for use with RDM masts (14cm long)
  • Proven easy to use tail piece adjustment collars
  • Foam filled tubing keeps water out
  • Grip diameter: 28mm
  • Weight: 2.18kg
  • Inside width: 35.6cm

The Pro-1 boom head is fully articulated, so regardless of what height the boom is set at, there will be no excess tension on the boom arms or the mast. It also ensures that if the boom head is not level with the clew, the boom will not pull at the leech or foot of the sail.

These carbon booms come into their own in choppy or overpowered conditions - their stiffness resists arm bending, and prevents the rig from distorting and causing you problems!


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