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About K-Bay

Named after our own, favourite UK spot Kimmeridge Bay in Dorset, truly a fabulous wave sailing spot and world-class on it’s day.

Established in 1980 & the UK´s number one custom windsurfing board designer for many years, we have loads of experience at understanding each individual sailor's specific needs and requirements. Now proud importers of Chinook products, “The Stuff You Trust”.

In the early 80s Henio Firley recognized the potential for custom-made windsurfing boards as the sport exploded world wide. For over 20 years the K-Bay team turned out hand-crafted boards for many top UK and international riders. A natural partnership quickly developed with Chinook as the two brands complemented each other perfectly. As Chinook have diversified into SUP we have keenly followed them in introducing their paddle and accessory range to the UK.

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